Andrea   May 2017

I highly recommend Karen at Child Support Advocates for her professionalism, advice, and ‘down to earth’ manner in handling child support issues. Thank you


Buzz   June 2017

NZIRD have been “difficult” to deal with over the last few years. One conversation with Karen took a truckload of stress off me. She understood the issues, the technical problems, explained how the IRD “think” (apparently they do from time to time) and thought of a number of solutions that I would never have.   So happy


Shara-Lee  August 2017

Amazing and sound advice. Went above and beyond to help us out from wording documents to even just hearing us out when we needed someone to talk to about Child Support issues. Highly recommend this service.


Rosie  November 2017

Child Support Advocates have provided a professional prompt service to assist with my IRD admin review. I was liable to pay child support, now thanks to CSA my admin review has resulted in my liability being $0. Awesome service, definitely recommend to help any parent dealing with IRD. Stress now gone, happy mum, happy children


Sarah  December 2017

Karen has been AMAZING. After the 1st conversation with Karen it felt like I had known her years. Without Karen’s help we would of been homeless and on the streets with our children.


Richard February 2018

Understanding my rights in relation to child support liability and entitlement was a daunting task.  I didn't know where to start, what I could do or how to go about it.  I looked online for people who might be able to help and was presented with a list of expensive lawyers.  Then I found Karen who has worked at IRD and has both a legal and practical understanding of the area.

Karen was fantastic throughout.  She listened to me and understood where I was coming from.  She provided guidance in terms of my rights, what I could claim through an administrative review and helped me draft the documents for the review.  She answered my never ending list of questions and provided me with practical guidance on approaching a review.

I would recommend Karen's services to anyone in need of advice regarding child support liability or entitlement.  Her legal understanding of the area coupled with a practical understanding of what review officers are looking for was invaluable to me and I would not have been able to navigate the review process like I did without her help.


Chris July 2018

When all hope seemed lost for any kind of fair and reasonable outcome, Karen listened patiently through my extended conversations and explained clearly and concisely what I needed to know and do when dealing with the legislative maze that is the Child Support Act and all its amendments. The ongoing professional advice and tireless assistance has been invaluable and produced results I had long given up any hope of achieving. 
For anyone already in difficulty with Child Support issues, or those that simply want to avoid the potential pitfalls that can and all too often do arise, it is comforting and reassuring to know that a friendly ear and practical help is only a phone call away. Absolutely fantastic and can’t recommend highly enough!


Mark August 2018

One very satisfied customer.  Had tried to get some concessions on my own from IRD on a child support matter but with no luck, dealing with them had been a mixed bag & they don't tell you what you can do in any detail & one particular officer annoyed me to the point where I started looking online for anything helpful & found Karen. She has been thorough & helpful, listening to what I had to say & answering all my questions. Ended up with great results & would highly recommend her to anyone needing to deal with IRD or any other child support matters you may have.

Anna December 2018

My child support has just been slashed by 60%. I asked Karen for help and I followed every step she told me religiously. It really pays to engage someone that knows the system. Simple things that I assumed I cannot do, proved to be doable and every detail counts. My initial assessment was ridiculous and based only on what my ex-husband decided to tell IRD. And that seems to be the case with everyone of us paying parents. It really sucks that I had to spend time and money to ask for fairness and equality but I am grateful for the help I received. It can be done. I can now take kids to the movies when they are with me. Yay!

Grant and Leigh April 2019

My husband and myself used Karen Bevan from Child Support Advocate's to assist with an administrative review, Karen is highly experienced with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to child support. Karen worked very hard to put together a case for us which became a successful case, she was available whenever we needed assistance even if it was just a small question. If you want someone that is going to guide you and work for you at a very reasonable rate Karen is that person.