We are not part of Inland Revenue or the Australian CSA, we are a private firm set up to meet child support parents growing need for specialist assistance.

We can take immediate action on your behalf and work with you to resolve your child support issues.


Help you achieve the best possible child support assessment for your circumstances. 
Have extensive knowledge and experience with the processes used by Inland Revenue and the ACSA, and New Zealand and Australian child support legislation.
Will ensure the provisions of relevant Child Support Acts have been appropriately applied to your account and your assessment is correct.


Have you received conflicting information or advice in your child support dealings to date?

We have the expertise and experience to clear up any confusion and work with you to ensure your account and assessment is correct. 


Do you need help with your child support communications with IRD or the ACSA?

We can interact with IRD and the ACSA on your behalf.  We’ll talk with you to get a clear picture of your situation and how you got there, then check your account and find a solution for you.


Have you been given adequate answers to your queries and had your assessments and rights explained properly?

You’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have all the information you need to ensure your current assessment is correct.  We can explain the Child Support Acts as they apply to you and how best to correct your account if it needs it.

Let Child Support Advocates use our expertise to find a solution for you.